Welcome to the Cybersecurity Today website!  Here you'll find information on the only TV show dedicated to tackling the subject of computer security in an interesting and thought provoking manner. Cybersecurity Today (CSToday) is a 30 minute program that uses a talkshow/newscast format to discuss themes, topics and current events in the cybersecurity market.


If you're not familiar with cybersecuirty this show will provide insight into how to protect and defend informaiton systems.  If you're a current practioner this show while proivde thought leadership from industry experts on where the market is headed.

Cybersecurity Today is currently being broadcast on Fairfax public access TV (FPA) and can be seen a number of times each week. FPA is a television network that broadcasts in the Washington DC metropolitan area.
Next epidode "Hacking the Critical Infrastructure" is being broadcast September 15th!